Meet Eunice*, a 45-year-old woman who has been working on the CEED farm for 5 years. Eunice is responsible for pruning and special projects. She takes care of four children, one which is her biological child. 

Before working on CEED's farm Eunice was a peasant farmer growing crops like beans, cassava, and sweet potatoes. However, she was unable to get good harvests since the land was infertile. She learned about the CEED farm and decided to begin work there. Working on CEED's farm has changed Eunice's life in many ways as she was able to:

  • Buy a plot of land for herself
  • Put up a semi-permanent, iron-roofed house 
  • Send all her children to school 

Eunice frequently talks about how thankful she is that she began working on the farm. She expresses that "now she has a future, a good life and is so happy."

*Name changed to protect individual privacy