Marvin is 27 and has been working on the CEED farm for over three years. His main job is to weed and maintain the farm, and he does this with utmost care and excellence. 

Before having worked on CEED's farm, Marvin first began as a peasant farmer, but like many of the others in this community, he was unable to find reliable and consistent wages. Since he began to work on CEED's farm, he now has reliable and consistent wages that enable him to provide for both his personal and family needs. 

He also has a renewed sense of hope and has even shared his dreams with us of starting his own farm and creating employment opportunities for more people in the village. We are working alongside him to invest in his dreams and enable him to continue to grow toward reaching his goals. 

Marvin shares that he is grateful to the CEED farms for giving him meaningful work that enabled him to buy a piece of land, construct a semi-permanent but iron roofed house, and purchase some domestic animals.

Marvin further explains that he feels so happy to be employed on CEED's farm and that this employment has made him the man he is today. He is extremely grateful to the men and women who came up with such a great plan of starting up this farm project and following-through to change the lives of many in his community.