Meet Samuel*. He has been working on one of CEED's farms for the past ten years. He takes care of the property and is responsible for the security of the farm. Samuel has five children who have been able to attend school only because he began working on the farm. 

Before joining CEED's farm Samuel grew crops such as beans and groundnuts, but he was unable to earn sufficient income doing this. With five children, he was struggling to make ends meet. Samuel is so happy that he started working on CEED's farm and his life dramatically changed as he was able to: 

  • Send his children to school
  • Buy a piece of land 
  • Construct a permanent house for himself and his family
  • Send his relative’s son to school 
  • Buy a cow 

Samuel is happy and says his employment at the farm continues to help him to earn money that solves most of his problems. He says a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made this possible for him. 

*Name changed to protect individual privacy