Meet Scovia, a 34-year-old female worker on the CEED farm. Scovia has worked on the farm for 10 years and primarily focuses on weeding. She is a single mother who has two daughters under her care. 

Like many others who have found new life working at the CEED farm, Scovia was formerly a peasant farmer who struggled to find consistent work and earn fair wages. By working on CEED's farm, Scovia is now able to provide for herself and her children in ways that she never imagined possible. 

She has been able to send her children to school, which is extremely rare in her community. She was also able to buy a piece of land for herself on which she is now growing some food crops for home consumption.
She has also managed to buy 2 cows and out of these, she has been
able to get another five as a result of reproduction.

Scovia says she feels great as a result of being employed on CEED's farm and is in a joyous mood simply because of the good things she has managed to get out of the work.

*Name changed to protect individual privacy