Garrett - Founder and Business Manager
Kim was first introduced to Ugandan Gold Coffee (UGC) in 2011. Being passionate about both coffee and empowering others out of poverty, she was quick to support the UGC initiative. A little more than five years later, Kim had the opportunity to work with UGC on a consulting project. One thing led to another and Kim partnered with UGC's parent organization, CEED, to develop what has become Giving Grounds Coffee. 

Joe Walsh - Roasting and Sourcing Manager

With over 30 years of sourcing and roasting experience, Joe knows a thing or two about coffee. He has been supporting CEED's transformational work in Uganda for the past 15 years and is known in the community for his great coffee and enthusiasm for helping others. 

Jill Whitecap - Customer Support 
While managing UGC for 15 years, Jill excelled at keeping both customers and mission partners satisfied and engaged. She brings years of carefully nurtured relationships as well as industry knowledge and a contagious enthusiasm for supporting the people of Uganda.


Herbert Asiimwe, CPA - Giveback Coordinator, Uganda Operations Manager
Herbert is CEED's Ugandan Operations Manager. He oversees agricultural development and clean water projects and works with local communities to transform lives through economic opportunity. He feels that one of the major obstacles to progress in his country is corruption and that CPAs can be instrumental in preventing it by strict adherence to financial accountability.